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Caricature as an art form is a fairly new thing. American Revolution. This famous cartoon was designed by Benjamin Franklin at the onset of the French-Indian War. Revolutionary War. Andrew Jackson's Crusade. The Rich Stand Atop the Poor. Racists Make Cartoons, Too. Society's Cruelty. League of Nations.

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  • 0000007038 00000 n 0000100364 00000 n Hook Exercise: Analyzing a Political Cartoon Directions: From August 1914 to November 1918 the major powers of Europe were at war Akuna Python 0000007038 00000 n 0000100364 00000 n Hook Exercise: Analyzing a Political Cartoon Directions: From August 1914 to November 1918 the major powers of. 1 drawing on layered paper : ink and blue pencil over graphite underdrawing ; 41.2 x 37 cm (sheet) | Editorial cartoon showing a rich man sitting on a box and eating an apple, apple cores are scattered on the ground around him; an unemployed man lean's against a pole on which a sign, "Help the unemployed - Apples 5 cents", is posted over a box of apples. This enquiry looks at the causes for the economic crash of 1929 and depression that followed. The enquiry focuses on a political cartoon drawn in 1927 and asks students to work out not only its meaning but also how far it deals with (and anticipates!) the causes of the crash in 1929. View Political Cartoon Great Depression.docx from HST MISC at Arizona State University. Interpreting Political Cartoons What is a political cartoon? it is a cartoon is used to express an opinion Study Resources. Description. With the Great Depression now entering its fourth year and conditions for the average American continuing to worsen, the government still needed funds to operate. Cartoonist Clifford Berryman highlighted the desperation of the period with his famous Uncle Sam demanding pennies from a poor raggedly dressed worker. In his political. Subdivide the groups and give half of each small group one of the cartoons along with Handout B: Analyze a Cartoon Worksheet Political Cartoons (a searchable site of editorial and political cartooning) Civil War 1860-1862 Notes Have each student complete the sourcing, analysis, and follow-up section of the worksheet Is Corona Discharge Harmful. The Great Depression was a.

    Great depression political cartoon analysis

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